28 September 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019:India Day 1 and Day 2 Qualifiers – Recap

Hey everyone, I’m here to bring you the recap on the India closed qualifiers for OMEN Challenger Series, which was a two day event spanning over the course of 25th and 26th September. Joining us are the following teams: NASR Esports, Entity Gaming, Orgless 5ive and Team Umamba! Finally, the games are being casted by our beloved Lizara and Trevor.

During the streams for the semi finals, we had a wonderful showdown between NASR Esports and Entity Gaming. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to cover the games on-stream between Orgless 5ive and Team Umamba, but Orgless 5ive wins their games 2:0 against Team Umamba and proceeds to the finals the next day.


Round 1: NASR vs Entity Gaming – 5:10, 22:19
Winner: NASR
Map: Inferno


Look at that score and you’d immediately say out loud: “That must have been an absolutely bonkers game.” It was.


First match of the day, with NASR as CT on Inferno. And what a rough start they had, dropping the ball early and getting snowballed on by Entity Gaming. By the end of the first half, it seems like Entity had it in the bag, with a 5 round lead.


In the second half of the game, things seem like it’s going to be a smooth cruise as Entity reached match point at 8:15.But what’s this…it seems like Entity just can’t close out the game! Round after round, NASR seem to be able to get the clutch plays for a stay of execution.


20 minutes later, I couldn’t help but ask myself…how did it get to this point? 15:15?! NASR were walking across water, cause they were making miracles come true. 7 rounds in a row on match point. And now it’s neck and neck. Overtime One comes and goes…18:18. This match was starting to drag out like an episode of Dragonball Z and it shows. The shoutcaster and commentator were starting to falter a little, but they stayed strong for the stream. (Kudos to them!)


It escalated to Overtime TWO, and NASR were finally able to close it out. In the second round of OT2, HavoK pulled off a clutch 1v2 into a split-second defuse (palms got sweaty here). In the next round, Entity made a slight throw as they tried to breach but got punished and mowed down. I think these two rounds really pushed things into NASR Esport’s favor, and they were able to finally end the match at 22:19.


Round 2: Entity Gaming vs NASR – 7:8, 19:22
Winner: NASR
Map: Train


My heart goes out to Trevor and Lizara for having to cast for two double overtimes. ~Trilz


Second match of the day, with Entity Gaming as CT on Train. Boy, oh, boy. This game was vicious, and close. I am talking about neck and neck, by the skin of your teeth levels of close. By the first half, we can see that the last game wasn’t a fluke, these teams mean business. NASR was ahead by one round, and if the previous match was any indication, one round could easily make or break the whole game.


But yet again, ETG races close to match point, sitting on 15:12. And yet again, they couldn’t close it out. History is doomed to repeat itself it seems. The game drags on delinquently long again, going into Overtime Two once more. The two titans were trading blow for blow, and one has to question how the fatigue hasn’t affected their performance. Eventually though, a victor had to emerge, and NASR Esports emerges from the dust with their hard fought victory.

Spirits are high and everyone was recharged after the 6 hour long stream the previous day. For the finals, it’s a showdown between NASR Esports and Orgless 5ive. Once again, the games are being covered by Lizara and Trevor!

Round 1: NASR Esports vs Orgless 5ive – 10:5, 16:10
Winner: NASR
Map: Dust2


It seems we’re starting the day with a classic. NASR as CT on our childhood map, Dust2. Right off the bat, NASR wins the knife round and gets a great lead. A double AWP setup carried NASR really hard, ending the first half at 10:5.


At this point, it’s an uphill battle for OG5 as Dust2 inches towards the T side. OG5 puts up a good struggle, pulling a few rounds off from NASR but it just wasn’t enough as the lead NASR had was too hard to overcome. An uneventful but not unexpected(I say that, but yesterday’s games can prove anyone wrong) outcome as NASR pulls ahead as the victor at 16:10

Round 2: Orgless 5ive vs NASR Esports – 6:9, 13:16
Winner: NASR
Map: Train


Next match, OG5 as CT on Train. Early on, OG5’s antidoteMan made a really cheeky play that I have to comment on. He was outgunned 1v2 and instead of fighting to the death and risk NASR getting another rifle, he flicked his AK (looted from NASR) out of the map and accepted his death like a man. That was some quick thinking and I got a real chuckle out of it, so I thought it was worth sharing.


And it seems like that play made dividends as OG5 was able to pull ahead to 5:2 after it, gunning down NASR time after time and forcing NASR to play on the backfoot on eco. But somehow, NASR stops OG5 dead in their tracks and they’re up to their miracle spawning ways again, getting a clean 7 round streak before breaking it. Just as things were going great for OG5, NASR pulls the wool over their eyes and ends the first half at 6:9.


An impressive 3 round lead from a 3 round deficit, and NASR goes strong into the second half. Again OG5 puts up a good fight but it was just a matter of cleaning up for NASR at this point. Some smart positioning and rotation from NASR plus a few misplays from OG5 tipped the scales in their favor and GG was called as NASR rises victorious at the end of the game at 13:16.

And that’s all for the India Qualifiers! NASR Esports will be representing India in the main event! I’m really excited to see what they can pull off, considering the wonderful performances I’ve seen so far already.


My name is Trilz, and I hope you’re just as excited as me for the OMEN Challenger Series main event! I’ll see you on the battlefield next time!

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz