27 August 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Japan Closed Qualifiers Day 1 Recap

Day 1 Round 1: Updraft vs Absolute – 5:10, 1:6
Winner: Absolute
Map: de_Dust
Personal MVP: Laz


Kicking off the day were Updraft on the CT side of de_Dust. A valiant effort during the first half, Updraft were able to mount a respectable defense despite the rough start, but were slowly forced into eco rounds as they were outgunned by Absolute. With smart positioning and strong individual performance, Absolute were able to pull ahead by by a 5 round surplus by the first half. Notably, Absolute’s Laz was an excellent scout, lurker and duelist, able to bring so much value to his team round after round. After the switch, Updraft were not able to punch through Absolute’s defenses, letting Absolute slide in for the win.


Personal Highlights

[Updraft] MagicC AWP triple kill at mid-range
[Absolute] Crow 1v2 bomb plant bait and outplay

Day 1 Round 2: HWML vs Ignis – 3:12, 5:4
Winner: Ignis
Map: de_Mirage
Personal MVP: Hornet


The second match of the day was between HWML, starting as CT going up against Ignis. We
saw a really tight performance from both sides and a lot of close firefights where one party came out on top by the skin of their teeth. The only thing was that Ignis was coming out on top more often (half of them because of Hornet) and they take the first half with a 9 round surplus. In the second half we saw HWML eke out a few more rounds through some valorous charges but ultimately could not overcome the lead that Ignis established.


Personal Highlights

[HWML] quin and guin 2v3 showdown
[Ignis] RIPablo_o/ funny jump kill


Day 1 Round 3: Ignis vs Absolute – 3:12, 3:4
Winner: Absolute
Map: de_Overpass
Personal MVP: Reita


The final match of Day 1 between Ignis as CT vs Absolute. Team Absolute blew the door down after winning the first round with a clutch triple kill from Keita. They then armed up and went guns blazing, taking many risks in the initial rounds. This kept Ignis on the backfoot as they scrambled to maintain their eco and their defense. By the second half Absolute pulled ahead with a 9 round lead. From there, Absolute were able to close out the game by defending their sites, ending Day 1 at an impressive 16 to 6 score.


Fret not if you missed the first day of Japan teams in action, the remaining matches will continue on 27 August and 28 August, head over to omengaming.co to root for your team!


Personal Highlights

[Absolute] Reita clutch Pistol Round triple kill
Team Absolute set the pace by storming the pit
[Ignis] narth vs [Absolute] barce 1v1
Close calls! Late game skirmish!

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz