28 August 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Japan Closed Qualifiers Day 2 Recap

Day 2 Round 1: Ignis vs Updraft – 7:8, 14:16
Winner: Updraft
Map: de_Mirage
Personal MVP: MagisC


Kicking off Day 2 was Ignis on CT versus Updraft. After a good night’s rest, both teams were back in peak performance and it showed. Updraft and Ignis were hot on each other’s heels, where Ignis was able to pull out a few victories even on an eco round. Ultimately, Ignis pulled ahead by 1 round, the closest first half we’ve had so far! Then, with Updraft playing on the CT side, they were able to hold the fort and race to match point. Alas, they couldn’t close out the game. Just as it seemed like Ignis was going to mount a comeback, they were taken out by a few well-placed AWP rounds, handing the game squarely to Updraft.


Personal Highlights

[Updraft] Flax’s gun discipline on this eco round
[Ignis] oitaN getting this sweet Molotov
So close yet so far!

Day 2 Round 2: Criterion vs Ignis – 2:13, 6:16
Winner: Ignis
Map: de_Dust2
Personal MVP: oitaN


Next up was Criterion as CT against Ignis. Despite having to play this game back-to-back, Ignis still surged ahead by a whopping 11 rounds at the first half mark – the biggest gap chalked up by contestants hitherto. From there, it was a relatively short second half as Ignis only needed to score another 3 rounds for the win.


Personal Highlights

[Criterion] Girin double kill
[Ignis] oitaN ushers in the second half of the game with a triple kill

Day 2 Round 3: 即席 vs Criterion – 10:5, 6:16
Winner: Ignis
Map: de_Inferno
Personal MVP: kreamer


Next up was 即席 (pronounced Sokuseki, meaning “Instant”) as CT against Criterion. Despite the strong start from Criterion, Sokuseki was able to stop them dead in their tracks after a few soundly thought out defensive rounds. Criterion made a few misplays by stacking up too closely, making their team easy targets. Sokuseki was able to pull ahead for 5 rounds, notably being the first team to take a lead while starting as CT. After the switch, despite a commendable defence attempt by Criterion in guarding the sites, Sokuseki reigned supreme.


Watch the remaining Japan teams in action. Matches will continue on 29 August, head over to omengaming.co to root for your team!


Personal Highlights

[Sokuseki] yuuyaPEEK and kreamer gunning down Criterion
[Criterion] minapen winning a 1v2 pistol duel
[Sokuseki] shoushen 1v2 for the match point

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz