15 September 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019:Japan Qualifier Finals at Tokyo Game Show 2019

Color me stunned and blown away when I tuned in to the stream for the Japan Qualifiers and saw the going ons at The Tokyo Game Show 2019. I couldn’t help myself but watch some of the opening segments earlier on in the 6 hour stream (a full day event!). Some guest-stars made an appearance for a small talk segment, including pro Rainbow Six player Kizoku from Nora-Rengo and pro Tekken player YUYU! Exciting stuff, you can view the full stream here.


Anyway, without further ado, let’s jump to the main event: The CS:GO Japan Finals. Team Ignis and Team Absolute will be fighting for the right to represent their country in the OMEN Challenger Series 2019. You can jump to the start of the event here where the announcers brief the viewers about the format or the start of Round 1 here.

Round 1: Absolute vs Ignis – 12:3, 16:8

Winner: Absolute

Map: Train


For the first round, Absolute is starting as CT on the Train map. And right off the bat, it seems that both teams are in perfect form. Every kill traded during the pistol round being a headshot kill from both teams. However, Absolute managed to get the jump during the pistol round, giving them the headstart they needed to start an early snowball. Ignis made some aggressive force buys in response but were punished for it. This delayed their team from a full arsenal till the 5:0 mark. But just as Team Ignis seemed to gain the upper hand that round, some unlucky skirmishes caused them to wipe and the snowball continued.


A quick timeout was called, giving Team Ignis the time for a mental reset and a plan of action. They gave up another round for eco and mounted up another arsenal at the 9:0 mark. Unfortunately, it seems that Team Absolute have been practicing Train much more than Ignis, and Ignis went bust again! The coverage from the positioning that Team Absolute had was absolutely oppressive and Laz on the AWP was carrying them match after match. It wasn’t till the 12:0 mark that Ignis were able to pull out the last 3 points but by then the damage was already done.


Ignis wouldn’t go down quietly though, taking the pistol round of the second half and netting themselves another 3 rounds before Team Absolute breaks through. At this point, it’s clear how much Team Absolute practiced this map, as their performance on T side showed a clear, planned execution on their entries and assaults compared to Ignis. It was just a matter of cleaning up as Absolute took this match point at 16:8.

Round 2: Ignis vs Absolute – 7:8, 14:16

Winner: Absolute

Map: Overpass


Despite that rough start, Ignis weren’t deterred. Round 2, we see Ignis starting as CT on Overpass. Team Ignis wins the pistol round, which will hopefully set the tone for the next few rounds. I was biting my lips from how close the early rounds were. Things were pretty close for a while, but it wasn’t long before Absolute was in control again, speeding ahead to 2:8. It was at this point that Ignis seemed to be able to read Absolute’s movements a little better and mounted a comeback and pulled off 5 rounds back to back by the skin of their teeth, ending the first half at 7:8


Team Absolute won the pistol round in the second half, and they were able to transition that really well into more pressure. It wasn’t till 7:11 that they let Ignis through with another point. Every round past this point was neck and neck, all the way till 13:13. Neth gets a mind-boggling outplay with a bomb plant, then making a huge turn to get two AWP shots from another angle and pushed Ignis 14:15. So close, and yet so far, as Absolute pulls away with the match point in the final round in a hail of bullets!


And at the end of this round, Team Absolute walks away with an absolutely well-deserved victory, crowning them as the representatives of Japan in the OMEN Challenger Series 2019!


That’s all for the recap for the CS:GO Japan Qualifiers. If you want, you can also tune in for the post-victory interview here.

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz