1 November 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Grand Finals Day 1 RECAP

Excitement is in the air as I’m writing for you guys, live from the Jakarta Convention Centre. Today is gonna be a total grind down as the teams are pitted against each other in a round robin, the top two teams of each group (there’s a Group A and Group B) will then proceed to the semi-finals tomorrow! The groupings are as follows:

I’m very excited to share with you that we have casters from all over the world covering the event. The website does have the streams embed on the front page, so don’t forget to open up another tab and have the stream running so that you don’t miss anything!

Phase 1
Match 1: Syntax vs Boom Esports (6:9; 11:16)
Winner: Boom Esports
Map: Train


Kicking off the day are Syntax (CT) and Boom Esports (T) , two Indonesian teams gracing the stage. This round, they’ll be facing off against each other on Train, a map with a lot of beautiful wide angles, which means the smokes are especially important. The match was filled with comebacks and the last round was gut-wrenchingly close, with Boom’s last member standing only having 2 health left. There was some potential for a complete comeback as both teams had exhausted all their resources for the last match. Better luck next time, Syntax!

Round 2: Boom Esports vs Syntax (13:2; 16:2)
Winner: Boom Esports
Map: Inferno


Not losing steam, Boom Esports on the CT side get an explosive start (pun intended), blazing onward. Syntax were breaking ankles with their positioning and rotations, but Boom Esports were able to take advantage of every tiny sign of weakness, getting triple and quad kills over and over. Boom’s Mindfreak had some insane performance, able to take on Syntax’s rushes time after time. In the end, this game was nowhere near as close as the previous one, ending in a crushing defeat for Syntax. Of all the games happening simultaneously, Boom vs Syntax ended the quickest because of how one sided this match was, wow!

Phase 2
Match 3: FrostFire vs AHQ (8:7; 16:12)
Winner: FrostFire
Map: Dust

In the second phase (there are six phases total) we have FrostFire from Malaysia on the CT start versus AHQ from Taiwan on Dust. FrostFire made some unnecessary mistakes, like getting five-man gunned down while going past Suicide by AHQ’s AWP. But otherwise, both sides were performing well and the first half ended very evenly, with a one round difference. That difference grew pretty quickly after FrostFire won the pistol round and they managed to snowball their lead to victory.

Match 4: AHQ vs FrostFire(3:12; 3:16)
Winner: FrostFire
Map: Nuke

FrostFire must have been practicing on Nuke a lot because this game showed it. AHQ starts as CT against FrostFire on Nuke. This game was completely one-sided, as FrostFire dominated the stage throughout all stages of the game. Despite AHQ’s best efforts, they were constantly outmaneuvered and as time drags on, outgunned, as their resources were constantly drained by FrostFire. FrostFire were able to pull out the second win, ending this skirmish in favor of FrostFire.

Phase 3
Match 5: ALPHA Red vs ikarus (9:6; 3:16)
Winner: ALPHA Red
Map: Inferno

The day has turned to night, but our teams are still duking it out! ALPHA Red from Thailand going up against ikarus from Japan. ALPHA Red will be starting as CT on Inferno. Initially, ikarus got the pistol round and it seemed like they were going to completely run away the game, going 0:5, but APLHA Red managed to stabilize and get back into the game. Despite a few chances to strike back, ikarus weren’t able to perform to the standards that they needed. Overall, it was a beautiful comeback from ALPHA Red, and they got a well-deserved victory.

Match 5: ALPHA Red vs ikarus (4:11; 7:16)
Winner: ALPHA Red
Map: Overpass

Second game, and ALPHA Red are going in with high spirits and high confidence. They had a very dominant game all throughout, outgunning Ikarus time after time. Ikarus were read by ALPHA Red most of the time, and their movements were predicted quite often. It seems that ALPHA Red have gotten into their enemies’ heads, and Ikarus’ performance dropped significantly. In the end, Ikarus get singed for flying to close to sun, and ALPHA Red walk away victorious.


And that wraps up Day 1! Do stay tuned for tomorrow as there are going to be guest cosplayers coming, and I’m just as excited as you to see them on stream! My name is Trilz, and I hope to see you on the battlefield (but mostly seeing you tomorrow).

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz