30 September 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Philippines Qualifier – Recap

Hey everyone, I’m here to bring you the recap on the Philippines closed qualifiers for OMEN Challenger Series, which occurred alongside the Singapore and Thailand closed qualifiers last week on the 28th of September. Joining us are the following teams: Enchant Poison, Bren Esports and Fallen5! Finally, the games are being casted by some local talent, G10 (@G10.PH) and Jaeger (@SerJaeger). You can catch the stream here.

Round 1: Enchant Poison vs Bren Esports – 1:14, 1:16
Winner: Bren Esports
Map: Train


First round of the day, we have Enchant Poison as CT on Train versus Bren Esports. Enchant Poison were just outclassed and outgunned in this matchup as Bren Esports are one of the top teams in the Philippines.


Bren had incredibly impactful entries and Enchant Poison were just not able to respond to the explosiveness properly. Bren’s witzcute was absolutely oppressive on the AWP but overall, it seems that every member on Bren Esports had inhuman aim in comparison to Enchant Poison. Although this was a quick match, Enchant Poison did put up a respectful fight, and they did bring a few tense rounds to the table which really could have gone either way.

Round 2: Bren Esports vs Enchant Poison – 13:2, 16:3
Winner: Bren Esports
Map: Inferno


Second round, we have Bren Esports as CT on Inferno versus Enchant Poison. And it seems that despite the previous match, Enchant Poison did not seem to be demotivated at all. In fact, it seems that they got even more aggressive in their entries and positioning (one might say too aggressive in fact). However, Bren Esports were able to hold their ground with their perfectly timed smokes.


As the game drags on, Enchant Poison seemed to lose grasp of the game slowly as their economy got crushed by Bren Esports. Once Bren had a full arsenal under their belt, they were able to surgically and formulaically dissect into Enchant Poison round after round.


I think one of the biggest highlights in this game was when Bren’s Borkum had to fight 1v2 and get a defuse. He faked a ninja as he smoked the bomb, then retreated to a vantage point for a quick spray for the frag. And then he went in for the real ninja, getting the defuse then proceeds to gun down the last member of Enchant Poison. Overall, despite this game being rather one-sided, there was still great showmanship from both sides!

Round 3: Fallen5 vs Bren Esports – 7:8, 16:3
Winner: Bren Esports
Map: Mirage


Third round of the day we have Bren Esports as CT versus Fallen5 on Inferno. This is the last BO3 of the day to determine who’s going to represent Phillipines in the OMEN Series main event. Fallen5 had previously gone toe to toe with Bren Esports before at WESG, which is an impressive feat, so I was excited to watch this match. Initially, Bren Esports seemed to be struggling on this map, perhaps not getting as many hours as they’d like on Mirage. Fallen5 pulls ahead to 7:3 really quickly, but once Bren acclimatize they were able to turn the tables and swing back with an assault for 5 rounds in a row. The first half ends at 7:8, the most balanced game we’ve seen so far today.


In the second half, it seems like I may have spoken too soon, as it seems that Bren were able to perform so much better as CT on this map. Maybe they just had less practice on Mirage. Or maybe these men are actually all anime main characters that magically improve when the chips are down (and you can’t tell me it’s implausible, hmph). Because in the second half, Bren Esports took8 rounds in a row going all the way to match point without letting Fallen5 score a single time.


An absolute miracle of a performance from Bren, considering that Mirage was Fallen5’s pick, who probably knew that Mirage was one of Bren’s weaker maps as a team. We’ll have to see how they fare in the next match on Train!

Round 4: Bren Esports vs Fallen5 – 10:5, 16:12
Winner: Bren Esports
Map: Inferno


Fourth round, second game of the BO3 Finals. Early on, it seems that Fallen5 had an advantage, winning the pistol round and taking a few rounds off Bren at first. But it seems that Bren were just biding their time to gear up. Once they had enough for a proper buy round, Bren stopped Fallen5 dead in their tracks, and rode on to the end of the first half with a lead of 5 rounds.


The first game of the day came to mind, as Bren Esports tore through Enchant Poison on Train for a ruthless 16:1 game and I can’t help but wonder if Train might Bren’s best map. Despite that powerful performance, Fallen5 still have a chance to make a comeback once the teams swap sides and the playing field gets evened out in the second half.


Fallen5 lose the pistol round, but get an unexpected comeback in the following round when Bren Esports invested completely. Because of that, they lose all their eco and had to give away a few rounds. Two more full buy rounds from Bren Esports were somehow fended off by Fallen5 and again, Bren’s economy was crippled.


At one point in the round, it was 11:11 and both teams have a full buy. It could have been anyone’s game, and finally Bren scores their first point since the pistol round. After reaching 12:12, Bren starts pulling ahead and actually scores round after round, each one won by the skin of their teeth. Finally, however, Bren emerge from the dust victorious!


A truly magnificent show of marksmanship from Bren Esports, getting two perfect 2:0 games back to back. Congratulations to them as they are going to be the representatives for the OMEN Series Main Event!


The Qualifiers for the Singapore and Thailand regions all happened this past weekend concurrently with the Philippines Qualifier, so don’t forget to check out the recaps for those as well! My name is Trilz and I’ll keep reporting from the battlefield!

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz