2 November 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019 Grand Finals Day 2

Everyone is recharged for Day 2 and we’re back in the meat grinder! We’re halfway through the round robin, and we’ll announce the semi-finalists shortly after! Without further ado, here were the on-stage fights. You can catch the stream here.

Phase 4
Match 1: LAZE (Long Amazing Zebra Ears) vs NASR (6:9; 11:16)
Winner: NASR
Map: Nuke


Interestingly, the original team that was supposed to represent Singapore was B.O.O.T. but they couldn’t make it due to unfortunate circumstances, so LAZE will be stepping up to fill in their shoes by default. LAZE are starting as CT on Nuke and both teams are fresh from a good night’s rest, and everyone was performing great. LAZE got some cheeky positioning early on, but NASR were able to respond to their trickiness quickly. The first half ended fairly close, and LAZE tied the score 9:9 fairly quickly. The rounds were fairly close but NASR’s tight knit teamwork won them the match.

Match 2: NASR vs LAZE (12:3; 16:4)
Winner: NASR
Map: Inferno


NASR as CT on Inferno had a very dominant match this time around with a huge 6:0 lead. LAZE were pressured very hard and they had to make a lot of desperation plays to try and get back into the game in Banana but to no avail. The first half had a pretty huge 9 round gap, and it was just a matter of cleaning up the last 4 rounds for NASR after the team swap. This game really shows why NASR deserves the 2:0, and things look died for LAZE.

Phase 5
Match 2: Let’s Quit vs Absolute (2:13; 2:16)
Winner: Absolute
Map: Dust


Really strong dominance asserted here by Absolute, and the gap is pretty significant throughout the game. LQ weren’t able to take more than 2 of Absolute’s members during most of the games. By the time the first half ended, Absolute had an 11 round advantage. LQ’s verdict was finalized as Absolute pick up the second half’s pistol round, delivering the final blow with 3 more rounds back to back.

Match 2: Let’s Quit vs Absolute (5:10; 8:16)
Winner: Absolute
Map: Vertigo

I definitely have a personal bias towards Vertigo, it’s my favorite map! This is the second match between Let’s Quit and Absolute, with LQ starting on the CT side. Absolute, yet again, steal the show right from the get go with the pistol round, and go on to snowball into the second half at 5:10. It didn’t get much better as LQ couldn’t make any solid pushes up the ramps after the team swap. It was (quite literally) an uphill battle for LQ as Absolute were able to close the game out 8:16. This was the last match to be put up on stream for the day, the rest of the matches were to be played off-stream.

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz