7 October 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Indonesia Closed Qualifiers – Recap

Hello everyone to another recap. This is the OMEN Challenger Series Closed Qualifiers for the Indonesian region which was running concurrently with the Malaysia and China Qualifiers.


During Day One, there was a Swiss format competition between BTRG, nxl, EXECUTE, VICTIM, Idntity, Syntax, Celeste and Syntax Academy. The top 4 then proceeded to the playoffs the next day on the stream, which were VICTIM, Syntax, nxl and BTRG. The casters are Wooswaa (@antonius.willson) and Wawa Mania (@wawaclubmania), who are casting in the local flavor and brought a really fun and unique energy to the stream! You can catch the stream here.

Round 1: VICTIM E-sports vs Syntax – 8:7, 16:19
Winner: Syntax
Map: Dust2


First match of the day and we have VICTIM as CT on Dust2 versus Syntax. VICTIM grab the pistol round and the next few rounds as Syntax tried to get an early sniper but it didn’t pay off, causing their eco to suffer. But Syntax were able to stabilize and catch up after getting a few full buys and even out the first half at 8:7.


Again, VICTIM grab the pistol round in the second half and get a powerful headstart, zooming all the way to 13:8. But Syntax were able to stop them dead in their tracks immediately, and got some great defence and early picks to tie it back up to 13:13 and push it into overtime! What a turnaround, and they were able to ride the wave all the way to the victory and ending the game at 16:19.

Round 2: Team nxl vs BTRG – 8:7, 13:16
Winner: BTRG
Map: Dust2


Second match of the day, Team nxl as CT versus BTRG. I was so ready to write this game off for BTRG as they were lagging behind at a whopping 5:0. But somehow they were able to salvage the game midway with some really clutch plays! In a huge turnaround, they were able to get a really close first half at 8:7.


The second half was a lot more close in terms of score, as both teams inched forward gradually toward the match point. The eco from both sides had the usual ebb and flow of an even team but towards the end, BTRG started pulling ahead! Team nxl suffer a huge blow to eco as they lose Round 24 and 25 (12:13), which was a dangerous position to be in that close to the end of the game. In the end, BTRG were able to pull away because of that and grab the victory at 13:16.

Round 3: BTRG vs Syntax – 12:2, 16:3
Winner: BTRG
Map: Overpass


Round 3 was the finals of the qualifiers, with BTRG starting as CT on Overpass versus Syntax. BTRG being an old name in the Indonesian scene, they were heavily favored for this matchup. And their performance was absolutely oppressive. Irregardless of the numbers advantage Syntax gets or the rotations they attempt, BTRG were able to control the map and outmaneuver them at every turn. Syntax were able to get a couple of lucky breaks but otherwise were outclassed overall. BTRG get an insurmountable lead in the first half at 12:3.


With only 4 rounds to victory, the second half was a very short game. BTRG show that their good early half was not a fluke, despite losing the pistol round, were still able to reign it in and land the executing blow to end the game out at 16:3.

BTRG vs Syntax – 12:1, 16:3
Winner: BTRG
Map: Mirage


Second game of the finals, and BTRG are sitting on the CT side again, this time on Mirage. BTRG again, shows off their dominant performance, completely steamrolling Syntax 9 rounds in a row right off the bat. It wasn’t till the 10th round that Syntax got a round off of Syntax. But after that, BTRG’s dealt blow after blow without mercy. The first half ended at 14:1, a rather shocking result.


In the second half, BTRG get the pistol round for match points but Syntax get some clutch plays in the next two rounds. However, their luck ran out and eventually BTRG got the victory, thus ending the game 16:3 yet again.


Congratulations to BTRG for winning the qualifiers, what an outstanding performance in the finals. They’ll be waving the Indonesia flag in the OMEN Challenger Series Main Event which will be taking place at Indocomtech, Jakarta in November! Which means they’ll be playing on home turf! For the other streams and recaps, do check them out on the site here or on the official Omen Facebook Page.


And that’s all for me! My name is Trilz and I’ll be reporting from the frontlines! I hope to see you on the battlefield.

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz