29 August 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Japan Closed Qualifiers Day 3 Recap

Map: Ban/Picks
Updraft: Nuke
Ignis: Dust2
Wildcard: Overpass


Here we see an interesting pick from Updraft, opting to play on Nuke. Nuke is not a popular map in Japan, as it’s touted as being a hard map to scout on and difficult to read enemy movements on. Also, an interesting thing to note is that Ignis lost in a prior match on Dust2 against Team Absolute, so it’s a little surprising to see Ignis opt for it.

Semifinals: Ignis vs Updraft – 7:8, 16:12
Winner: Ignis
Map: Dust2
Personal MVP: Neth


First up, Ignis as CT on Dust2 against Updraft. It seems that both teams have gotten into the groove. Over the course of the match, Ignis and Updraft were showing really good teamwork, breaching and storming in coordinated strikes.


However, early on in the first half, disaster strikes. Updraft dropped the ball and found themselves crippled with bad eco. Thankfully, they were able to recover and stabilize quickly enough, and went toe to toe with Ignis to steal the first half, leading by 1 round.


In the second half, Ignis and Updraft were neck and neck and relatively even, until Ignis got a second wind and started pulling victories back to back, finally ending the first game in this Best of 3 in their favor.


Personal Highlights

EROC Pistol Round 1v3
Neth smokes Window and plows through Updraft
oitaN Holds the Doors! B Doors breach
Cookie prays and CS:GO delivers
Smokescreen Massacre

Semifinals: Ignis vs Updraft – 9:6, 16:14
Winner: Ignis
Map: Nuke
Personal MVP: Neth


Updraft gets a strong start after winning the pistol round, but Ignis pulls back some momentum after getting on their feet. The early games were really close again, never straying more than 2 rounds apart! Right before the end of the first half though, Ignis pulls ahead as Updraft makes a few misplays.


Ignis’ seniority starts to shine through in the second half as they get used to Updrafts playstyle and rotations, pulling ahead towards match point 15:7. However, it seems that they started to get a little overconfident and put themselves into bad eco as they got wiped a few times due to cocky plays.


It seems like Ignis is going to pay for it, as the game was dragged out down to the wire. Updraft manages to surprise Ignis, pulling up to 15:14! But finally, just as it seems like it was going to Round 3, Ignis pulls through and steals the last round they needed. Maybe this will teach them to mess around in a tourney!

Personal Highlights

EROC vs RIPablo tense 1v1
oitaN double kill + Cookie panic!
Hornet’s Sting! Jumping knife kill!
Veteran’s Confidence: Ignis rushes the bomb site, gets massacred
Cookie lines them up, 4 kills back to back!


And that concludes the Day 3 stream! Important thing to note: off stream, Absolute beats Sokuseki 2-0 (16:3 on Overpass and 16:11 on Dust2). There’s an interview after the games concluded between the caster and commentator with the winning teams. Absolute and Ignis will be proceeding to the Qualifier Finals to represent Japan in OMEN Challenger.

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz