7 October 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Malaysia Closed Qualifiers – Recap

Hello and welcome to another recap written by Trilz and this one is gonna be a little special because I also got to cast these games! This is the OMEN Challenger Series Closed Qualifiers for the Malaysia region and I was behind the screen for the stream!


Today, we have 4 teams competing and vying for the opportunity to carry the Malaysian flag: FrostFire, Orange eSports, DarkHorse MY and 30.6. Some nostalgic names to be seen, so I was really looking forward to the games. The casters are Xero (@xero.gg) and yours truly, Trilz (@TrilzMY)! You can catch the stream here.

Round 1: FrostFire vs Orange Esports – 11:4, 19:17
Winner: FrostFire
Map: Inferno


First match of the semi-finals and these two teams have gone head to head several times before. FrostFire as CT on Inferno versus Orange Esports. FrostFire immediately kicks off with an explosive start as they whizz ahead to 11:4 by the end of the first half.


Just as it seems like I was ready to call it after the teams change sides, Orange Esports came in hard clutch. At one point it was 15:9 in favor of FrostFire, and miraculously, Orange Esports were able to string together 5 wins in a row to force the OT.


But the dream was over when Orange made a vital mistake on Round 4 of the OT as they failed their breach and get jumped because they missed a few clears. That gave FrostFire the slight edge they needed to steal the game away at 19:17.

Round 2: Orange Esports vs FrostFire – 9:6, 16:13
Winner: Orange Esports
Map: Dust2


The second half is Orange’s pick and they going classic with the Dust2 map pick. Orange Esports will be starting as CT. A very dominating performance during the early stages of the game, and they pulled ahead immediately with some wonderful defensive plays. It seemed overwhelmingly in favor of Orange Esports until FrostFire got the last three rounds of the first half, salvaging an otherwise insurmountable score and stopping the 12:3 from happening. Instead the second half ends at 9:6.


In the second half, it seemed like FrostFire were gonna pull of another steal as they were inching very close to match point at 10:12, but Orange were able to get on top of the situation and control the game. Very close rounds, overall, but Orange had some nice set pieces that were able to pull out some nice wins. FrostFire were stopped short at 13 points, as Orange zoomed off towards victory, ending this match at 16:13.

Round 3: FrostFire vs Orange Esports – 11:4, 16:11
Winner: FrostFire
Map: Mirage


The last round of the semi-finals! FrostFire as CT on Mirage. Very clean first half from FrostFire, overall. Oddly enough, both teams seemed to be ignoring the ticket box clear which seems to come up pretty often. The first half ends pretty uneventfully at 11:4.


The second half was again, pretty unexpected, as Orange Esports started showing FrostFire up. Again, FrostFire get to match point but weren’t able to close it out at 15:6, and Orange Esports were able to claw their way all the way up to 11 points! But it was just too little too late as FrostFire were biding their time to amass enough for a full buy to land the executing blow, ending it at 16:11.


And the semi-finalist winners are FrostFire and DarkHorse MY! They’ll be duking it out in the finals next and I was hoping it would be as close as these fights we’ve seen so far.

Round 4: DarkHorse MY vs FrostFire – 7:8, 11:16
Winner: FrostFire
Map: Dust2


First game of the finals, and we had DarkHorse as CT on Dust2 versus Frostfire. The first half was nothing to scoff at, as DarkHorse showed that they could keep up with FrostFire. Both teams were constantly vying for control of mid, smoking it off to open up the rest of the map. Well played from both teams as the first half ended at 7:8.


After the teams changed sides however, the dynamic seemed to shift into FrostFire’s favor as they bust the second half wide open after winning the pistol round and forcing DarkHorse into eco rounds a few times too many. As a result, DarkHorse had to forfeit a few rounds to FrostFire to build up some proper buys and that gave FrostFire the game, ending it 11:16.

Round 5: DarkHorse MY vs FrostFire – 7:8, 11:16
Winner: FrostFire
Map: Mirage


Second game, and it’s up to DarkHorse to tie this up and win the third match as well if they want to come out ahead in this qualifier. There were some technical issues on DarkHorse’s end for one of their players, so the marshalls issued a hefty grace period for DarkHorse to get it resolved, so kudos to them!


DarkHorse are CT again, on Mirage vs FrostFire. Again, we see a really close first half here, both sides playing really well, but unfortunately for DarkHorse, they weren’t able to get as big a lead as they should as Mirage is CT sided.


Immediately on the pistol round of the second half, DarkHorse calls a timeout to discuss strats. However, FrostFire were able to read them like a book and predicted the B site play, and had their members stationed to defend it immediately. DarkHouse get completely blown out there and the utility they used were all for nought. From there, they had a really slow start to try to mount another fair fight.


By the time they did, FrostFire were already leading by 4 rounds at 8:12. After that, it was just a matter of closing out the game and they ended squarely on 11:16.


Congratulations to FrostFire for winning the qualifiers. They’ll be representing Malaysia in the OMEN Challenger Series Main Event which will be taking place in Jakarta Convention Center in November! For the other streams and recaps, do check them out on the site here or on the official Omen Facebook Page.


And that’s all for me! My name is Trilz and I’ll be reporting from the frontlines! I hope to see you on the battlefield.

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz