27 October 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Oceania Closed Qualifiers – Recap

This is it, readers. We’ve rounded the final corner and the final Closed Qualifier for the OMEN Challenger Series has come to pass. This past weekend, the qualifiers were held in New Zealand in front of an energetic live audience. The teams were Greyhound Gaming, Geniune Gaming, ORDER and Chief Esports Club. The caster talents are Morden (Jason Spiller) and Arseynimz (Craig Nimmo). On the first day, Greyhound Gaming had already went up against Genuine Gaming and came out on top 2-0. The stream for Day 2 can be watched here.

Closed Qualifiers Day 2
Round 1: ORDER vs Chief – 3:12, 11:16
Winner: Chief
Map: Inferno


First match of the day, we had ORDER as CT on Inferno versus Chief. The winner of this BO3 will proceed to the Qualifier Finals against Greyhound Gaming. Chiefs get the pistol round and have an absolutely oppressive first half. Some rock solid defense from Chiefs made it difficult for ORDER to penetrate their armor. Even with a full buyl and an even playing, ORDER weren’t able to pull through, and the first half ended 3:12.


ORDER turned things around for a moment in the second half, however, as they take the pistol round and mount up their own defense. ORDER did well in trying to scramble back into the game, having a much better second half as CT. Despite that, their second wind was not enough as the gap from the first half was a bit too large. Chief were able to close out the game at 11:16.

Round 2: Chief vs ORDER – 12:3, 16:5
Winner: Chief
Map: Nuke


Second match, and Chief were not slowing down at all. They’re sitting on the CT team on Nuke, which is a difficult and compact map. Chiefs take the pistol round which led to some healthy eco and they were able to pull out a handful of rounds immediately. ORDER quickly got left behind as they couldn’t output enough firepower and had to play on eco. This was a bad matchup overall as Nuke is Chief’s best map, ending the first half with the same score in the previous match at 12:3.


Second half, we saw some incredible gun discipline from Chief. ORDER take the pistol round again, which gives them a bit of a buffer. They manage to eke out a few more rounds, but overall, the coordination of Chief on this map far surpassed the performance that ORDER were displaying. It was just a matter of cleaning up as Chief pulls ahead for the victory at an impressive 16:5.

Round 3: Chief vs Greyhound Gaming – 5:10, 12:15
Winner: Greyhound Gaming
Map: Nuke


Chief proceeded to the semi-finals and get the pistol round (wasn’t shown on the stream because of a slight technical error) but it gave them a good start. However, Greyhound were able to bounce back pretty quickly with some great coordination and clutch plays. There was some great ebb and flow between the two teams for the first 10 rounds but Greyhound were able to push ahead from then on. The first half ended on a beautiful note as Greyhound’s Sico got a triple AWP kill right at the start of round 15 and the final kill. The first half ended 5:10 in Greyhound’s favor.


In the second half, Chief were able to pick up the pistol round giving them some breathing room to catch up. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball during a vital round which really slowed their momentum. After that they couldn’t quite close the gap as Greyhound eked out the victory with the 5 round advantage from earlier at 12:15.

Round 4: Greyhound Gaming vs Chief – 11:4, 19:16
Winner: Greyhound Gaming
Map: Dust2


Second match of the BO3, and we’re on the classic map: Dust2. The casters were definitely feeling the nostalgia as well. Greyhound started as CT and picked up the pistol round, which they transitioned into an oppressive first half, blazing their way to 7-0 immediately! Chief fires back and finally pull off a couple of rounds, but it was a short lived victory. Chief’s morale started dropping and it showed. Greyhound ends the first round at 11:4.


With a 7 round lead, Greyhound Gaming had a comfortable buffer to play around with. Unexpectedly though, Chief were able to pull out some nice set pieces and managed to catch up quite a bit. Greyhounds had a few unfortunate rounds as well, getting baited into a few meat grinders. In the end, Chief actually pushed the game to overtime!


A really close game during overtime, and these two teams had a wonderful back and forth. It really could have been anyone’s game but a victor had to emerge and it was Greyhound Gaming who walked away with the match point!


Congratulations to Greyhound Gaming, they are the final team that will be locked in for the main event in Jakarta, Indonesia! All the Qualifiers have finally concluded, so stay tuned to the site to find out more about the stream for OMEN Challenger Series coming soon! My name is Trilz, and I hope to see you on the battlefield.

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz