30 September 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Singapore Closed Qualifiers – Recap

Hey everyone, I’m here to bring you the recap on the Singapore closed qualifiers for OMEN Challenger Series, which occurred alongside the Philippines and Thailand closed qualifiers last week on the 28th of September. The games are being casted by Lizara (@Lizara14) and KonG (@KonGCSGO). The teams that will be playing are Boot Letou (B.O.O.T.), JavsrieN eSports and LaZe.You can catch the stream here.

Round 1: Boot Letou vs Javsrien eSport – 8:7, 16:7
Winner: Boot Letou
Map: Vertigo


First round of the day, we have Boot Letou as CT on Vertigo versus Javsrien eSport. Vertigo was picked by Boot, which is a pretty unpopular map and it seems like they’re pulling out their trump card early in the tournament.


Oddly enough, despite the map being heavily CT sided, Boot Letou weren’t quite able to push the advantage, although they did have an explosive start in the first half. Despite that, Javsrien were able to respond swiftly and stabilized enough to even out the score by the end of the first half, ending up with a balanced 8:7.


It was after the rotation that really surprised me and showed how well versed Boot was with Vertigo while they were on theT side. After winning the pistol round, Boot were able to breach and gun down Javsrien every single round, getting a perfect second half, and running away with the game at an impressive 16:7.

Round 2: Javsrien eSport vs Boot Letou – 8:7, 13:16
Winner: Boot Letou
Map: Mirage


Round two, and it’s Javrien’s map pick: Mirage. They’ll be starting as CT and it seems that on their own map pick, they are going to perform a little better. And they were able to get a great start, racing forward to 6:1 after the pistol round. But somehow, Boot were able to make a huge comeback after a full buy wipe, going up to 7:7, stringing 6 rounds in a row and taking the game back from Javsrien. In the end, Javsrien gets the lead at 8:7 by the last round.


In the second half, Boot grabs the pistol round but then proceeds to lose followup force buy round. Although that did hamper their economy, Javsrien weren’t able to capitalize on the situation. Boot seems very comfortable with just a couple of AKs and Deagles, and doesn’t seem to be too fazed when they have bad eco.


Some great back and forths, with lots of aggressive force buys from both teams, as neither team seem to want to surrender any ground. Javsrien still had the upper hand for most of the match, but slowly but surely it seems like Boot is catching up. It seems that Javsrien lose their composure as Boot races back up to catch up to them, causing Javsrien to drop the ball. Finally, Boot manages to run away with the game 13:16, and thus will be proceeding to the finals for this qualifier.

Round 3: Boot Letou vs LaZe – 6:9, 10:16
Winner: LaZe
Map: Mirage


Third match of the day, and from this point onwards it’s the finals of the qualifier, a BO3 between Boot Letou and LaZe. Both teams are veterans of the industry and they’ve gone toe to toe before a few times, so this match is gonna be close (hopefully!). Mirage was LaZe’s map pick so it’s expected for them to edge ahead.


Right off the bat, LaZe gets the pistol round but on the consequent round loses too many members and their initial investment. And it seems that this back and forth, this ebb and flow between the two members remain constant throughout the round. Just as it seems like one team is gonna inch ahead of the other, the lashback from the opposing team pushes the balance back.


Towards the end of the first half however, LaZe manages to pull ahead with a few clutch plays and some well timed breaches. Boot were caught slightly off-guard here and had some unlucky moments, causing the first half to go 6:9 in LaZe’s favor.


During the second half we see Boot rotated to the T side, and the 3 round advantage that LaZe had was maintained till the end. In fact, LaZe were able to extend that gap towards the end, as Boot were left in the dust from 10:13 till match point. LaZe takes the first game of this BO3.

Round 4: LaZe vs Boot Letou – 5:10, 10:16
Winner: Boot Letou
Map: Nuke


Fourth game that we see on the stream today, LaZe as CT on Nuke for the second game of the finals in this qualifier. Boot’s map pick on Nuke was unexpected, considering how unpopular this map is and it seems like that’s the theme for today.


Despite a rough start as T side, Boot were able to stabilize by the end of the first half, showing that they didn’t pick this map for nothing. There were a few clutch moments from Boot that helped them get ahead but for the majority of the match they were relatively in control. The first half ended with 5:10 in Boot’s favor.


The second half was just a matter of cleaning up it seems, as Boot on CT side were equally domineering on this map. Boot seems to have specialized in these rogue types of maps, and it seems to be paying off. Boot Letou runs away with this map pick at 10:16, tying this BO3 1 to 1.

Round 5: LaZe vs Boot Letou – 8:7, 10:16
Winner: Boot Letou
Map: Train


The final match of the day, that will determine our representatives for the Singapore region in the OMEN Challenger Series. LaZe will be starting as CT on this map and they get a really strong start. It took quite a while for Boot to get back on their feet from a crippled eco, but once they did, their AWPer was able to rip out kill after kill. LaZe are still in the lead but Boot were able to at least dampen the blow and even out the field by ending the first half 8:7 in LaZe’s favor.


In the second half, LaZe wins their pistol round again against Boot. They’ve won every single pistol round against Boot during the qualifiers, an impressive feat. But just like every previous incident, the early rounds are always responded with aggressive force buys and this time it pays off. Boot are able to pull ahead with their double AWP comp really quickly and just slingshot their way to victory. Overall, a really explosive series of rounds from Boot as they close out the game 10:16 (same score as Game 2 earlier!).


And there you have it! Boot Letou (aka B.O.O.T.) are able to topple all opposition and are your winners for the Singapore region. Congratulations to them as they are going to be the representatives for the OMEN Challenger Series Main Event!


The Qualifiers for the Philippines and Thailand regions all happened this past weekend concurrently with the Singapore Qualifier, so don’t forget to check out the recaps for those as well! My name is Trilz and I’ll keep reporting from the battlefield!

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz