30 September 2019

OMEN Challenger Series 2019: Thailand Closed Qualifier – Recap

Welcome to another recap on the Closed Qualifers for the OMEN Challenger Series, this time in the Thailand region. These qualifiers ran concurrently with the Singapore and Philippines Closed Qualifiers over 28th and 29th of September. The teams competing for the top spot to represent their region in the main event are as follows: Xavier Esports, ALPHA Red and Beyond Esports. You can catch the stream on the Omen Facebook page here.

Round 1: ALPHARed vs Xavier Esports – 12:3, 16:6
Winner: ALPHARed
Map: Overpass


In the semi-finals, we see ALPHA Red as CT on Overpass versus Xavier Esports. They get a beautiful start and are able to start a snowball, keeping Xavier on the back foot most rounds as they were forced into eco. Even when Xavier mounted up a full arsenal with their utilities, it seems like ALPHA Red were able to outgun and outmaneuver Xavier. It wasn’t long before they closed out the first half at 12:3 in favor of ALPHA Red.


Initially during the second half, ALPHA Red seemed to be the clear winner as they took the pistol round. However, Xavier were able to fend for their own for a while, giving them a slight stay of execution but it was just an eventuality as ALPHA Red got the final blow. The game ended 16:6, leaving a powerful statement from ALPHA Red.

Round 2: ALPHARed vs Xavier Esports – 12:3, 16:7
Winner: ALPHARed
Map: Dust2


Second round of the day, second game of the semi-finals BO3. We see ALPHA Red as CT on Dust2 versus Xavier Esports. And it seems like that powerful statement from before is resounding as they get an immensely oppressive start with early double AWPs on their team. Despite a wipe on the eighth round, ALPHA Red had such a great economy from winning every round before that they could just restock their AWPs and push on. They ended the first half on a sombre note for Xavier Esports, sporting a 9 round lead at 12:3.


The second half was just as rough for Xavier, although they seem to finally be keeping up with ALPHA Red, it was too little too late as the gap was too large to overcome. They put up a decent defense once ALPHARed reached match point, pushing back against their onslaught for a decent while. But it was just a matter of time before their defenses fall, and ALPHARed swooped in to close the game at 16:7 , proceeding to the finals against Beyond_TH.

Round 3: BeyondTH vs ALPHARed – 6:9, 7:16
Winner: ALPHARed
Map: Vertigo


Both Beyond Esports and ALPHA Red are well established teams in Thailand, so I was really excited to see this matchup! These teams have gone toe-to-toe before and while Beyond has won more of their matchups overall, ALPHA Red won their recent matches in AIS Pro League Season 7. It’s a match between Beyond’s consistency and ALPHA Red’s recent win streak.


Beyond will be playing as CT on Vertigo vs Alpha Red. The matchup seemed like it could be anyone’s game. Alpha pulled ahead initially, but a few clutch plays from Beyond managed to salvage the game as they caught up. Beyond manages to close the gap a little, but the damage is already done as the first half ends at 6:9.


The pistol round goes into the hands of Alpha, but Beyond were able to mount a comeback pretty quickly. Despite that though, Vertigo is a pretty CT-sided map, so the chips were stacked pretty high against Beyond. That wall was ultimately a little too high for Beyond to surmount, and they lost the match 7:16.

Round 4: ALPHARed vs BeyondTH – 6:9, 7:16
Winner: ALPHARed
Map: Mirage


Seems like Alpha Red are on fire, winning every match in the qualifiers. Although Alpha Red lost the pistol round and had a really rough start, they were able to stabilize and surpass Beyond to close out the first half 10:5. Their form and coordination were great, and probably in very high spirits from the win streak they’ve garnered in the qualifiers so far.


Beyond wins the pistol round in the second half as well, but it didn’t seem to have the impact it should. Alpha Red’s oncoming onslaught did not seem to slow down at all and the juggernaut of a team steamrolled their way to the end of the finals at 16:8!


And that’s a wrap! Alpha Red were able to crush any form of opposition in these qualifiers. Congratulations to them as they are going to be the representatives for Thailand in the OMEN Challenger Series Main Event!


The Qualifiers for the Philippines and Singapore regions all happened this past weekend concurrently with the Thailand Qualifiers, so don’t forget to check out the recaps for those as well! My name is Trilz and I’ll keep reporting from the battlefield!

Written by: Dexter Lim aka Trilz