Rules and Regulations

1.0 Tournament Specific Terms and Conditions

1.1 General

  • The Gaming Company is the Organiser (“Organiser”) of the OMEN by HP Challenger Series tournament (“Tournament”). The Organiser is responsible to appoint the Tournament Admins and Staff.
  • Tournament Participants (“Players”) must be available for all Tournament dates they have registered or scheduled for, including potential post-tournament interviews.
  • By registering, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms, conditions, rules and regulations stated, in its entirety.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to modify the rules and format without prior notice, to protect the integrity and smooth flow of the tournament.

2.0 Tournament Schedule & Rules

2.1 Player Check-in

Players are required to check-in 1 hour before game starts and be ready to join the server 15 minutes before the scheduled games

2.2. Tournament Game modes

The Tournament games will be played in Competitive mode.

2.3 Tournament Format

2.3.1 Country Open Qualifiers

All participating teams will be randomly seeded into a Single Elimination Bracket to play a best of 1 until the Semi-Finals. The Top 6 of the qualifier will advance to the Country Closed Qualifiers.


There will be 2 invited teams from each country or grouped countries that will join in the Top 6 of Open Qualifiers.

2.3.2 Country Closed Qualifiers

The closed qualifiers will be broken into two stages:


Swiss System

The 6 Qualified teams + 2 Invited Teams will be seeded into 1 group. Each team will play a minimum of 3 games, first 4 teams who win 3 games will go into Playoffs. The first 4 teams who lose 3 games will be eliminated. Below is the table that will be used:


Games (Win-Lose) Playoffs
3-0 Advance as 1st and 2nd seed
3-2 , 3-1 Advance as 3rd and 4th seed
0-3, 1-3, 2-3 Eliminated


Playoffs (Single Elimination) 

All games will be played as a BO3, 1st seed will face the 4th seed and 2nd seed will face the 3rd seed. Winners of the matches played will advance to the Regional Qualifiers.

2.3.3 Main Event 

Group Stage

From the 12 teams, they will be divided into 2 groups consisting 6 teams each. Teams will play each other in a BO1, the top 2 of each group will head into playoffs Below is the point table that will be used:


Games Score
Win 1 Points
Lose 0 Points


Playoffs (Single Elimination) 

Both Semi-Final games will be played as a BO3, 1st places will face the 2nd places. Winners of the matches played will advance to the Grand Final which will be a BO3.


2.4 Tie Breakers

In the event of teams having the same points during the group stage, the following methods will be used to determine who proceeds to the next stage:

-Round Difference

-Head to head


Tiebreaker Match-Off (more than 2 teams tied)

The tiebreaker teams will proceed to play against each other and have the scores tallied, with the most wins proceeding. In the event that the teams still have same score however:


Tiebreaker Match 

The tied teams will play each other again until a winner is found. 


2.5 Country Slot Allocation

Table below shows the participating countries and its slot allocations for the tournament:

Country Slot Allocation
TAIWAN (台湾地区) 1
CHINA (中华人民共和国) 1


2.6 Roster

The main roster must consist of 5 members from represented country. one Stand-in will be allowed in this tournament. However, flights and accommodations will only be provided for the main roster of 5 members attending the main event.

2.6.1 Roster nationality

The main roster (i.e. excluding stand in) must consist of a minimum of one (1) national (citizens/residents), for the country qualifier that they are playing in.

2.6.2 Roster Changes

Any roster changes must be notified to the admin 5 days before the tournament date. Any roster changes made beyond stipulated dateline, can be denied.

2.6.3 Age Restrictions

Players under the age of 18 will require to have a guardian consent form signed and submitted before joining the tournament.


2.6.4 Team Names and Nicknames

Organiser reserves the right to edit Nicknames and/or URL aliases. Teams  or players that have names similar to another team are subject to change. Only registered members are allowed to play for the team. Teams and players are required to use Team Names and Player Nicknames in all official matches.


2.7 Rule Enforcement

Tournament Rules will strictly be enforced by the tournament admins. Tournament admins may change the rules depending on the circumstances. The rules may be changed at the discretion of the admin.


 2.8 Failure to show

Participants have the sole responsibility to follow the tournament schedules provided. Failure to show or team/ participants being late will result in penalties enforced by the tournament admin discretion. A minimum of 3 members will need to be present for the team to participate in the game. 


2.9 Prize money distribution


2.9.1 Main Event Prize Distribution


Position Prize Money (USD)
Champion 20,000
1st Runner Up 10,000
2nd Runner Up 5,000
3rd Runner Up  3,000
5th – 8th Place 2,000
9th – 12th Place 1,000

3.0 Tournament Rules

3.1. Game Software

The software used for the tournament is CSGO (Steam version).

3.2 Tournament Maps

The Map Pool is as stated below;

  • de_mirage
  • de_inferno
  • de_vertigo
  • ​de_nuke
  • de_train
  • de_dust2
  • de_overpass


3.3 Tournament Server

Games will be played on SG, HK, IND and AU servers.



3.4 Tournament Plays

The first team to get 16 rounds in regulation will win the game, unless an overtime occurs which will need a minimum of 19 rounds won, overtime will keep on going until 1 team gets 1 round after match point.


3.5 Player’s Acceptance

Each person attending the tournament must have read and accepted the rules and regulations. Ignoring it cannot be a reason put forward in case of an issue or dispute.


3.6 Player Settings

Configuration / Startparameters


The following commands are forbidden:

  •  mat_hdr_enabled


The following startparameters are forbidden:

  •  +mat_hdr_enabled 0/1
  •  +mat_hdr_leven 0/1/2


3.7 Tournament Forbidden Scripts

In general, all scripts are illegal except for buy, toggle & demo scripts.


  •  Stop shoot scripts [Use or AWP scripts]
  •  Center view scripts
  •  Turn scripts [180° or similar]
  •  No recoil scripts
  •  Burst fire scripts
  •  Rate changers (Lag scripts)
  •  FPS scripts
  •  Anti flash scripts or binding (snd_* bindings)
  •  Bunnyhop scripts
  •  Stop sound scripts
  •  Jumpthrow scripts (Only legal scripts are accepted. Eg; (bind x “+jump;-attack;-jump”))

3.7 Side/Map Choice 

A coin toss will determine who will pick a side or map first.


Best of 1


Coin Toss Winner chooses to first ban a map or pick a side (CT/T), Team A bans 2 maps – Team B bans 3 maps – Team A bans 1 map – Map leftover will be played.


Best of 3


In case of Best-of-Three matches, both Teams remove one map alternately, after that each Team will pick one map. The Team with the better seeding can decide who has to start the process. To decide the last map both Teams once again remove one map alternately, the last map will be used as third map if needed. Each Team can pick their starting side on the opponent’s map pick and on the third map a kniferound will be played to decide starting sides.

3.8 Match Reporting

  • Teams must report the results after each series to the tournament admins.
  • Both Teams are required to have screenshots of the end of match screens for verification purposes or if any dispute arises.

3.9 Tournament Stand-In

  • Stand-ins cannot come into play in a series that has already begun.   
  • The registered substitute player cannot be a part of any rosters of other registered teams that are participating in the tournament.
  • Should such a substitute player be found, the registration of the substitute player will be considered void and will not be able to act as a substitute for the team.
  • Teams must notify tournament admins if they have used their stand-in player. 

3.10 Forfeits

  • Players are required to notify tournament admins if they decide to forfeit their match. 
  • Forfeiting matches may be subjected to penalties by the Organiser. 

4.0 Player Conduct

Participants are expected to have the best behavior at all times. Unfair conducts may include, but are not limited to, hacking, game exploiting, tournament rigging, and intentional disconnects. Participants are expected to showcase good sportsmanship and fair play.


Failure to comply with this rule will incur penalties to individuals/participating teams.

5.0 Penalties & Disqualifications


5.1 If any of the above rules, regulations, terms and/or conditions are broken/not met, Tournament admins may apply penalties according to their judgment and discretion.


5.1.2 Penalties that can be applied are the following:

  • Warning
  • Map forfeit in bo3
  • Prize money deduction

6.0 Streaming & Broadcasting

Participants are NOT allowed to broadcast and stream their games. Participants who do not comply with this rule will face severe penalties if reported.

7.0 Communication

Communication will be done via Discord and email. A Discord server will be created for each of the Qualifiers to facilitate lobby creations and queries. All official communications will be conducted via email, that will be sent to the designated Team Captain.

8.0 Legal

The Organiser reserves the right to use names/photographs of participants as materials for the purposes of advertising, trade and publicity without any prior notice to the participants. Participants will not be entitled to claim ownership or other forms of compensation on such uses.


The participants hereby confirms that all his/her personal information stated in the contest form is true and complete. The participants hereby irrevocably consent and authorize Organiser to process any of his/her information and to release the same to any related existing or future business partners or strategic alliance and/or any other third party as Organiser  may in its absolute discretion deem necessary or expedient for the purpose of marketing and promotion of products and services. The Participants hereby confirm that no further permission or consent from him/her is necessary or required in relation thereto and this shall constitute the consent required under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 or any other contractual consent for such disclosures of information.


The participants hereby confirm that all his/her personal data stated in the contest form is true and complete and that he/she has read these terms and the Privacy Policy. By clicking the electronic consent box or submitting any personal data, the participants irrevocably consent and agree to the processing of his/her personal data in accordance with these terms and the Privacy Policy. The participants authorize the Organiser to process any of his/her personal data and information and to disclose the same to any related existing or future business partners or strategic alliance and/or any other third party as the Organiser may in its absolute discretion deem necessary or expedient for the purpose of the Event or marketing and promotion of products and services. The Participants hereby confirm that no further permission or consent from him/her is necessary or required in relation thereto and this shall constitute the consent required under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 or any other contractual consent for such disclosures of information. All disputes relating to this Challenge shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Malaysia.

9.0 Miscellaneous

9.1 It is the sole responsibility of the winners to redeem their prizes after the event.


The Organiser reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any participant that is found or suspected of tampering with the Event or the game submission process, the operation of this Event. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any person who it reasonably suspects has violated or infringed any of these general terms and conditions and the Organiser reserves the right to pursue legal action against any individual it believes has undertaken fraudulent activities or other activities harmful to this online and offline event.


9.2 The Organiser will not be held liable for any injuries or death caused during the duration of the event.


9.3 Payment will be done via Bank Transfer after confirmation with team captains bank account details within 60 day period. Team Captains have the responsibility of providing the correct information to Organiser. Wrong information provided may delay or be declined.


9.4 Team are required to wear the provided tournament uniforms during the main event. 

10.0 Admin Rights

Admins may overrules all the rules based on the situation. Admin decisions are final.

11.0 Acknowledgement

We, _______________________________ (team name) hereby fully understand the terms and conditions provided above. By entering and participating in this challenge, it is my responsibility to follow and adhere to all the terms and conditions. Failure to do so may result in the expulsion of the concerned team from the challenge and no claims for compensation any form will be entertained.