Catch The Teams Who Took the First Winner Winner Chicken Dinner from Malaysia!

The Malaysia Day weekend saw the biggest amateur tournament of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in Asia-Pacific as squads went head to head at the OMEN by HP Challenger Series 2018 for the Malaysia Open Qualifiers.

The two-day Malaysia Open Qualifiers are played in squad first-person perspective (FPP) mode. A total of 80 squads face off in 4 different slots, with 3 rounds each in the pre-qualifier on 15 September. Top 20 squads from the pre-qualifiers advance to the next day for the main qualifiers, playing 6 rounds to select the top 2 squads who will make it to the Grand Finals in Bangkok.

Who won the OMEN by HP Challenger Series 2018
Malaysia Open Qualifiers?

RedSea Esport

The unexpected entrants from RedSea Esport and veterans Stadium Fighter proved near unstoppable at the very end, upsetting several teams such as the likes of Gaventure, The Face Gaming and GANK.FTY, clutching the winning spot at the very end.

RedSea Esport acquires a collective point of 2270 with 36 kills and 1 WWCD on the third round, finishing within the Top 10 across all rounds, showcasing the consistency of the team.

Stadium Fighter, however, pulled a fairy tale like story with 2215 points and 58 kills at the end with only one top 3 spot and several top 10, clutching the second place with sheer deadly aim.

Stadium Fighter

Stadium Fighter

“Malaysian teams have shown a vast improvement within the PUBG esports scene with overall engagements and the kill commitments getting better, only proves we do have the talents within our local scene.”

Nik “The Hound” Harris continued to share his thoughts, “With the Malaysian qualifiers done and dusted, the question remains, how much more can RedSea improve and will they be able to match the experience and mechanics of other countries in the region. Highlighted teams such as BAE, TFG, GANK.FTY and Gaventure failed to make a splash with inconsistent placements and kill points.” Only with time and consistent practice will tell.

Nik "The Hound" Harris

Nik “The Hound” Harris

Ivan "Jinn" See

Ivan “Jinn” See

Ivan “Jinn” See, one of the casters have a few more things to add. “The Malaysian scene has grown so much since the last time we casted and this reflects on how big the PUBG scene can grow into and the potential it holds. With more and more teams up and coming, the PUBG scene is on its course to become one of the biggest things to happen in the esports industry.”

“We’ve seen so many underdog teams battling it out the past 2 days but RedSea eSports was the one team that really made us go WOW! Alongside with their 5th player – Ainii, which blew our minds, proved themselves worthy of representing Malaysia to the finals in Thailand.”

With the Malaysia Open Qualifier concluded, one can only hope as a spectator that the rest of the region, primarily the Singapore Open Qualifier will showcase the same level of competition on the coming September 22, 2018.

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