Ace! Cheers to Australia’s Winning Squads in OMEN by HP Challenger Series Open Qualifier

Congratulations to the two winning teams of Australia Open Qualifier – Avant Gaming and Order! Much hype and support, the OMEN by HP Challenger Series have received from the PUBG enthusiasts from Australia.

With 6 battles, played in Erangel and Miramar, the qualified teams put up an intense and laborious fight with each of them giving their best to secure the two representative spots.

Securing the first spot in Australia Open Qualifier, Avant Gaming scored 2285 points with 37 kills, getting their first winner winner chicken out in the last round.

Avant Gaming

Joining them in second place to the Grand Finals is Order who scored 2245 point and 41 kills, with 1 WWCD in the second round and performing consistently by placing top 8 in all the rounds.


Watch the Australia Open Qualifier in the video below!

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