The Land of Diversity, India Presents Its Winning Squads to OMEN by HP Challenger Series

Three countries Open Qualifier in one weekend, the OMEN by HP Challenger Series is overwhelmed by all the teams who went all out in the battles and the supporters who have streamed live to show their support!

All the Open Qualifiers are played in squad first-person perspective (FPP) where each country will have the winning teams to represent and advance to the Grand Finals in Bangkok this November. (Refer to the rules and regulations for details)

Who won the OMEN by HP Challenger Series 2018
India Open Qualifiers?


The first team from India Open Qualifier who clutched the first winning spot is Contagious, upsetting several teams catching close to them. Contagious  acquires a collective point of 2565 with 29 kills and 1 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in round 4, with good showcase of consistency in the team.

Reckoning eSports, did an amazing job in delivering an amount of stress to the  teams  in the battles. The team secured the second spot with 2510 points, beautiful 43 kills in totality and placing top 5 throughout the 3 battles but lost some points getting 7 and below placing in the other 2 rounds.

Reckoning eSports

Another Open Qualifier concluded, the OMEN by HP Challenger Series is getting closer to the Grand Finals in Bangkok in less than a month. As fans of PUBG and OMEN by HP, we look forward to the next open qualifiers of China, Philippines and Indonesia on the coming October 13 and 14, 2018.

Visit the OMEN by HP Challenger Series official website at for the full leaderboard and more information of the tournament. Check out the qualifiers games and stream live on the upcoming battles at

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