Celebrations for China’s Representing Squads of The OMEN by HP Challenger Series!

Congratulations to the winning teams! The China Open Qualifier of OMEN by HP Challenger Series has found their two top representative squads! Both KB and MGB will head to the Grand Final in Bangkok this coming November!

Scoring first spot with total points of 2,530 and 45 kills, KB put on a tough fight with other competing teams by bringing back home 3 chicken dinners out of the 6 games.


Etching close in second place and joining them to the Grand Finals is MGB who scored 2,400 point and 43 kills. Catching 1 winner winner chicken dinner and performing consistently by maintaining the top 5 placing in the 3 other rounds.


Congratulations to both winning teams and stay tuned for the last Open Qualifier for Thailand happening this weekend on 20 and 21 October! Visit www.omengaming.co for more information regarding the tournament and check out the video below to see battles of the China Open Qualifier!

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