Owned! Indonesia Found Its Winning Squads For Grand Finals of OMEN by HP Challenger Series!

Another three Open Qualifiers this weekend with Indonesia, Philippines and China, the OMEN by HP Challenger witness the born of representative teams for Indonesia to the Grand Finals!

The two consecutive days of Indonesia Open Qualifier was fierce and tough for every teams who fought for the top two representative spots. The winning teams are no other than SafetyFirst and Ghost Alliance PIF!

Congratulations to the winning teams!
Representing Indonesia in the Grand Finals!

Safety First

The first team from Indonesia Open Qualifier who clutched the first spot is SafetyFirst, upsetting several teams catching close to them. SafetyFirst acquires a collective point of 2,520 with 43 kills and 2 Winner Winner Chicken Dinnere in the first and last rounds, with a good showcase of consistency in the team.

Ghost Alliance PIF, did a great job catching up close to the first team in the battles. The team secured the second spot with 2,220 points, amazing 59 kills in totality and placing top 5 throughout the 3 battles but lose points getting 10 and below placing in the 2 other rounds.

Ghost Alliance PIF

With three countries’ Open Qualifiers concluded, the OMEN by HP Challenger Series is getting closer to the Grand Finals in Bangkok in less than a month. Together with PUBG and OMEN by HP fans, we look forward to the last open qualifiers of Thailand this coming October 20 and 21, 2018.

Visit the OMEN by HP Challenger Series official website at https://omengaming.co/pubg/ for the full leaderboard and more information regarding the tournament. Check out the qualifiers battles and stream live on the upcoming battles at https://www.facebook.com/primelive.co.

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