Congratulations to Our Winners of OMEN by HP Challenger Series Uniform Design Contest!

Over hundreds of PUBG uniform designs from 11 countries, the OMEN by HP Challenger Series is amazed by the number of participation and creative designs for our amateur challengers! The judges from OMEN by HP has made thorough considerations and evaluations into searching the right uniform to represent each country and finally found our winning gem.

Each winner from each country will walk away with USD 100 cash prize and winning uniforms will be selected as the official for all the challengers during the Grand Finals. All the original uniform designs have been redesigned to create the best jersey for the challenger.

See for yourself the 11 winning designs for each country now! 

By Mohd Rahman

By Beibeilyk

By Daniel Yee

By Bowie Lim

By Koda Meister

By Zach Vera

New Zealand
By Roshan Jay

By Asep Setiya Permana

South Korea
By Haoo Dii

By Uzaer Ubaid

By Julien Krebs

Congratulations again to the winners! Stay tuned at to get the first look of the real uniform during the Grand Finals through our live stream. Good luck to all our challengers and go get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! 

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